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Why Deal Depot?

Deal Depot Inc. is a large pre-owned vehicle sales and finance facility serving Upstate South Carolina. We recognize the increased local need for affordable, reliable transportation together with convenient, flexible financing. We pledge to offer a wide variety of late model, desirable, pre-inspected quality vehicles. We also recognize the need for fast, courteous financing.

Deal Depot Inc. pursues its mission based on these fundamental beliefs.

EXCELLENCE in our selves and the vehicles we offer

We believe that yesterday’s technologies and programs, while giving valuable experience, have little use in today’s market. We are dedicated to excellence through professionally trained personnel, quality vehicles at a fair market price and a courteous, friendly environment. We pledge to stay on the cutting edge of the automotive and finance industries.

FLEXIBILITY in our finance programs

We believe that every person’s situation is different, causing every person to have different needs. Therefore we initiate and promote new programs in order to provide the best finance programs available in the market.


We believe that every honest, person deserves reliable and affordable transportation. Therefore we offer finance programs that are accessible to everyone regardless of sex, race, age, religion, national origin or disability.

COMMUNITY betterment through involvement and leadership

We believe in the importance of family and community. Therefore we pledge a significant amount of our resources including our experience and our time to service and betterment of our community. Simply stated, we are mindful of our responsibility to our community and neighbors. We are involved in our community and will continue to strive to be an asset to our community. We believe in the “pay it forward” philosophy, therefore it is our intentions to be a reliable resource for our community.

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